UV Light Cleanser

UV air purifiers are a newer form of technology used to improve the quality of indoor air.  UV air purifiers use different methods than other techniques.  The UV light is used to uncover dust and particles that would normally go unseen by the naked eye, and UV light filters have the capability to eliminate these particles without any actual filtration.

UV light is a great method used to uncover mold within a home or business.  Dean’s Service Inc. suggests those who suspect any mold growth at all within their property have it evaluated by our UV light cleanser to ensure a fast solution and remediation.

Electrostatic Filters

Electrostatic filters clean the air through static electricity.  Particles within the air are attracted to a static charge and then held there.  Electrostatic filter air care has increased in popularity over the years, as it is a safe and natural method for improving air quality. Electrostatic filters also never need replacing and provide long-term results.

Benefits of an Electrostatic Filter Cleaner include:
• A simple and quick installation process
• The filter begins to work immediately
• The filter removes all particles including dust, bacteria, mold and smoke
• Zero ozone emissions
• Requires very low maintenance
• No replacement is required

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The humidity level within your home may fluctuate quite drastically through the seasons of the year.  This can lead to dry air within your household, which can be a source for nose, throat and skin discomforts.  Dry air can also lead to high utility bills and can potentially damage fragile valuables within your home.  For example, low humidity can cause items such as paintings and wood floors to become brittle and crack.

Room air humidifiers help to improve air quality and restore the humidity levels within your home.  This ensures to prevent the many issues that may stem from dry air.  Homes that are equipped with humidifiers provide a safer and more comfortable living environment.

How does UV Light Filters work?


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