Improve the safeness and cleanliness of your home!

Dean’s Service Inc. suggests having your dryer vents cleaned once every six months.  Similar to air ducts, buildup can form in your dryer vent leading to a number of concealed problems.  Aside from the many risks that can result from clogged dryer vents, there are several benefits that result from having them cleaned regularly.  Above all, clean dryer vents provide safety to your home and loved ones.

Buildup within dryer vents is the leading cause of all household fires. This is largely due to the fact that a majority of your dryer vent is confined and unseen.   For this reason, homeowners easily forget about the maintenance of the dryer vent within their home. Lint and other contaminants are easily flammable, as is the clothing and most of the items that are kept around the laundry area. This combination poses a large risk for the outbreak of a fire to spread rapidly.

Buildup within a dryer vent may also slow down the efficiency of your dryer. This results in higher utility costs and a poor functioning dryer.   A dryer that is well maintained will not require as much energy to run and will therefore cost less to run. Having less stress on the machine will also help to extend the lifecycle of your dryer.

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